Fruit Garden Teaser

Hello Happy Colorists!

I’ve been working hard on this fruit garden mandala! At the time of taking this picture I was about 8 hours in. It seems like it shouldn’t take so long but it truly does. If nothing else there’s a lot of fiddling and adjusting to get things looking right.

I was so inspired by a Celtic knot I saw it really set my mind into overdrive with ideas…and this is the result. I wasn’t sure where it was going, and I did the first inner circle with leaves…and that set me thinking about hanging gardens, trellesses, and vines…so I started looking for fruits that grow on vines.

Originally I wanted to draw strawberries but it wouldn’t work with the theme I had going…so I looked at grapes and gave those a go! It was pretty hard to figure out the bunches but I think they turned out so great :D.

For the next spiral I wanted to draw flowers…and I went looking for something with heart shaped leaves….and I stumbled upon this beauty:

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Photo Credit:

For my final ring I wanted to do pomegranates and was so happy to see they were vine fruits and not tree fruits. I remember growing up with them near me as a child and was sure they were from a vine but needed to double check.

Finally, I added some butterflies! I am not sure yet if they are good enough for the final piece but for now they are cute. Only testing will tell if they will stay or go. 12 hours of hard work later I hit the sack exhausted, but proud of myself! I’ve nicknamed this one Fruit Garden but that could change, one thing is for sure though: this one has got to be my best page yet!!

What do you think?

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