Fruit Salad Test Color

Hello Happy Colorists!

Part of my process involves testing the pages out myself. At the moment I only have 12 pencils, but hopefully one day soon I will be able to enjoy better pencils and have a bit more fun with this! Until then…here is my test coloring!

Test coloring lets me know how much fun the page is, whether or not there’s areas that could be improved…and it lets me really see errors or flaws in the linework that I may have missed before.

This test coloring let me know there’s a rogue blueberry on the page, and that the blackberry leaves are not very friendly….so now I will need to remove those leaves.

It’s also let me know the big kiwi is probably too close to the little pieces and needs to be moved. Also the mandarin needs to be relocated, and possibly one apple as well.

It also gives me a look at how it will look colored, which can highlight issues as well. The kiwi fruits being so close to each other wasn’t so noticable without color, and with color it doesn’t look as appealing as splitting them up will, so I will work on that soon.

What fruit do you think I should add now?


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