New Blog and Store!

Hello Happy Colorists!

I’m very happy to announce this new shop and blog, it’s a big change for me and I am super pleased to see it coming to fruition! While I am and will remain eternally grateful to Sellfy for starting me off and hearing me out when I had ideas, I’ve come to the realisation that Sellfy is just not viable long term. It was taking 5 clicks for people to download pages,Ā it was not mobile friendly, and worse still it was not reliably available as a service. It was also very fiddly for me as an seller to configure and add products. So I have spent a solid 2 weeks looking at alternative solutions and I believe I may have found a great one!

With this new store I can do things like special member discounts, coupons, sales for members only, and best of all…you guys can now buy in your own currency or what ever is close to it…and that allows my prices to drop! Yay everyone wins!

Additionally I have been pining for a place to spread my thoughts out and show off works in progress as I work on book pages and sale pages. This blog will be the perfect place and I cannot wait to get started! You will get an inside look into my process, how long it truly takes me to make a page…and you might even get the chance to influence the page itself!

Your Color Me Forum membership will work here on the shop and the blog as well, so make sure you’re logged into the forum to use the store for your access to discounts and more, just login using your forum username and password. If you signed up in one click with social media you will need to go to your account settings to see your username and set a password.

I am definitely very excited by this, so let’s color ourselves into happiness together! šŸ˜€

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