How did you discover adult coloring?

For me it was an accident, a beautiful, messy, happy, accident.

I had just started my own business hosting and managing peoples websites. I was working 16+ hour days trying to show people I was what their popular website needed…but I didn’t have one to prove it! So I picked a trend and built one for it. You know that saying “build it and they will come”? well that’s just not true. I had a great website where it was safe and happy for people to share, talk coloring, and learn cool new things…but it was mostly me and a few friends posting.

And that’s when it happened. The accident. The beautiful, messy, happy, accident. I knew to get people to join I had to make coloring pages. This was the last thing I wanted to do. At that point I never wanted to draw again. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But somehow I did (after an enormous amount of procrastination, prayer, begging, and positive self talk).

And here comes the messy part. I cried. I cried through that first page like someone was standing before me breaking pencil leads on purpose. It was pure torture and I hated it. It was worse than that time you sharpened your favorite pencil and the lead kept snapping. It was worse than when you dropped your case of pencils and couldn’t figure out their order again. It was the worst torture.

But here comes the beautiful part. Something happened. I moved onto my second picture the next day, and I cried a little less. By the third day I was on to my third picture…and I was smiling! The things I hated and struggled with about drawing seemed to click into place while making coloring pages. I had struggled through years of not having a “style” to call my own and here I was on page two with a clearly defined style. The more I worked the more I refined it, the more each of the things I hated became things I loved. All of my weaknesses became strengths, it was like I was meant to be making coloring pages.

I wasn’t amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I had found my thing and was seeing growth. It’s taken a lot of practice and hard work to get to where I am today. My first ornamental mandala looked terrible, and my second looked better but somehow worse, and my third? Well I couldn’t even believe I’d drawn it! There were hundreds of hours of drawing between each of these Mandalas – and I bet if you look at your past colored in pages you’ll see how far you’ve come too!

“Mandala” Mandala, my first ever attempt at a mandala. I had no idea what I was doing.
“Something Different” Mandala, my second ever attempt at a mandala. I tried shapes I knew.
“Ornamental Mandala” my third attempt to draw an ornamental mandala, after hundreds of hours practice.
“Wendala” my typical mandala style today is a mix of ornamental patterns and pictures.

And here comes the happy part. I discovered a vibrant and amazing community of happy colorists, just like you, who have become some of my most beautiful, valued, and best friends today. When I first started I went by the name of Color Me Forum because I didn’t want anyone to know who I was… a huge mistake I am rectifying now. I am Jade Elizabeth, I am so happy to meet you, and I can’t wait to color with you! 

Happy coloring!