Mandala Teasers Travel Sized Coloring Book


Taste test these awesome mandalas!

Check out this coloring page!

Color Me Forum™ lovingly crafts unique and upbeat mandalas inspired by life in this new Mandala Teaser pocket book, perfect for both the mandala enthusiast and the mandala avoider alike!

30 uniquely new perspectives on the mandala design that take you outside the lines with fun and interesting new perspectives that will revitalise your mandala coloring experience.

FOR THE MANDALA LOVER: You’ll feel renewed and refreshed as you experience these teasers from new and interesting perspectives, and get a tantalising taste of the full sized mandalas available when you’re hungry for more!

FOR THE MANDALA HATER: You’ll take on bite sized mandalas that don’t feel like mandalas at all! If you’ve never finished a mandala, get easily overwhelmed by them or distracted these teasers are a tasty new take that brings you outside the mandala experience into something unexpected and beautiful!

  • 60# white paper
  • 30 designs
  • Single sided pages
  • Mandala portions

License Information

It can take 18+ hours to make a page! You’ve bought this page for personal use which means:

  1. You may not make copies of the page/linework for friends, family, commercial use, derivative works, or to give away. Each person must purchase their own copy (and therefore license) at For this reason you may not purchase an item for someone else via your own account (use a gift card or get in touch to place a special order for your friends/family).
  2. You may not take pictures of the page while uncolored to sell or share. If you want to make a WIP photo you must put a pencil or other object over the linework so it cannot be stolen.
  3. You must leave my signature intact & visible when sharing the colored in page.
  4. You cannot sell the page when you are done coloring it. If you have colored a page found inside a physical book, not a digital one you printed yourself, you may sell that physical page only; do not make copies or reproduce the page for resale or commercial use.

Thank you for your understanding!

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